First Step

Research & Analyze

Research and analysis is very important and fundamental stage to read all the requirements of the clients. The company reads the important part of the project named “research and analyze”, then senior developers of the team takes the input from the clients. This strategy is used to make the project and conduct feasibility study in Technical, economical and operational areas. Planning is required to identify the technical risk with the projects at the planning stage. Our technical team research the feasibility study of the project and is ready with the future issues which might come in the lifecyle of the project.

Second Step

Concept & Sketch

After the Research and Analysis part, the web Dev team make the sketch and design of the project of the look and feel and the way it would be appearing after the development. In this stage the architectural modules of the projects are prepared and flow is decided inorder to get the project to driven in a preplanned manner.

Third Step

Design & Development

After completing the sketch and design module, the project is passed to a team of developers inorder to get started with the development on it. This stage is very crucial to check the projects, if any error will occurred in the project, then the developers are able to find the error in short period of time and make it fixed up.

Fourth Step

Market & Advertise

After we are done with the development phase , the project is being put in the use of the common peoples inorder to put it into use of the users. Our Marketing team creates a proper planned proposal and schedule inorder to launch the project and to make it a brand to be one of the own in its area.