Reduce Bounce Rate Plugin

Reduce Bounce Rate Plugin – A Powerful Way to Improve Search Results


This plugin will help you to keep in touch with your users and reduce bounce rate for your website. Think someone visit your site and don’t have enough time to explore your website that moment, and after some time user forget your website and never come back after the first visit, looks strange?  This plugin allow visitors to add a reminder before they click on close button. Same as its name “Remind me later” you can provide an option to set a revisit reminder. It will also reduce the website bounce rate efficiently, because Remind me Later WordPress plugin increase the user’s stability on the website and provide a good bounce rate in Google analytics.



1) Visitor opens your site

2) Whenever user goes to close website, a pop up will appear

3) Before leave, users can select reminder date and enter the email

4) Plugin will automatically send email on the date set by user.

5) That’s all!

So, all you have to do is install this plugin and help users to remember your site with ease.



* Very helpful to let users remind what they forgot about.

* Helpful for web traffic improvement

* Improve Bounce Rate

* Easy as 123

* No Hindrance

* Helpful in Business Branding

* Worth your Money



Plugin has no Disadvantages yet 🙂



It is one of the most powerful ways to improve website bounce rate just for $25. Every webmaster must install this WP plugin and experience the traffic improvement in short time frame. You can find it the easiest way to reduce Google analytics bounce rate that can help you achieve better rankings in major search engines.



Reduce Bounce Rate plugin that increase the website traffic and reduce bounce rate efficiently. It allows user to set a reminder for revisit.

Reduce Bounce Rate Plugin

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